This site is currently under construction, as I am gathering pictures to post of my face painting work.

A little bit about myself: I work in the greater Los Angeles area, and have been doing professional face painting for almost 3 years.  I started doing side jobs through a wonderful full service children’s entertainment company based out of Upland called The Compassionate Clown Company, which has clowns, characters, balloon art and much more (and who I highly recommend for any of your full party needs!).  I found that being an aspiring artist and designer led to me really enjoying doing specifically face painting, and it was also what I was best at out of all the other party skills.  I am pretty flexible with location, as well as face painting requests, with what the kids want me to paint.  I also am great working with all different ages (even adults!)

As far as my choices, I usually just ask what they want and go from there!  It keeps me on my toes, and keeps everyone happy and feeling special! (Note: If I am pressed for time and the event has a great number of attendants, only then will I sometimes limit the choices to a specific design board, so that I can make sure I get to everyone and no one is left out)

Please check back soon as there will be new posts very soon.  In the meantime, if you would like to see some of my artwork, please visit  However, keep in mind that my facepainting is done in a fairly different style 🙂

I hope to hear from you and see your (soon to be painted!) faces soon!  😀



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